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                                                   Hi and Welcome!

My name is Dezi Daniel and I wish you welcome to my little cottage located at Håle Grönvik.
The house is built 1872 and this is the first house in the aria.

My aim with Airbnb rental I to get just enough money for maintenance and yealy cost.
The house means alot to me, so I’m picky with who are allowed renting the place.
I presuate if you write litte about you self and you family.
How you travel to and from the house so I can guide you and be to assistance.,
I just want to be clear about some rules so we both have same exponentiation. 
  • No animals running around in the area
  • The sauna is only for my neighbors
  • Recycle garbage so the bin don´t get overfilled. You will receive mote information when booked.
  • Permanent stay is only for residents specified in the booking. It´s okay to have individual visit to the house.
  • Before leaving the house it has to be cleaned.
  • Used towels and bead duvet should be folded and left in the bathroom. 
If you alright with above rules give me a shout. When you are booked you will receive loads of information about what to do in the aria. 
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